Monday, February 09, 2009

Trip to Boston

In 2 days my wife and I will be flying to Boston, Massachusetts for her business conference. As a history buff and student of the Puritans I can hardly contain my excitement. To walk where the Pilgrim Fathers walked, to be in the land of Jonathon Edwards, and those sturdy old Puritans that planted the seeds of the American Revolution, what more can I say?

Of course, modern day Boston would make the Puritans roll over in their graves. Harvard, originally founded to train ministers to preach the gospel, has been a hotbed of humanism, communism, and moral relativism for longer than anyone can remember. The majority of those that claim the Christian religion take communion with the church of Rome, descendants of the Irish that settled in the area following the Potato Famine. This is a state that produced Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank-enough said! Per capita, Massachusetts probably has the most educated population of any of the 50 states. Book sense, therefore, does not equal common sense and when that knowledge is based on anything other than the knowledge of the Lord, the result is modern day Massachusetts.

Enough with lamenting over the current state of affairs as God is sovereign and is fulfilling His purposes. I look forward to seeing the Old North Church, walking the Freedom Trail, and hopefully discovering some fantastic old bookstore.


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