Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Middle East

One of the signs or our Lord's imminent return to this earth to set up His kingdom is armed conflict between nations. The naysayers will quickly point out that nations have been at war with each other since the beginning of time and right they are. But how anyone can take an honest look at history and state that the armed conflict of the past century is similar to previous centuries is not only ignorant but dishonest.

Among all of the wars and conflicts of the past century one event stands out in my mind that we are now having to deal with and that is the birth of the Israeli state in 1948. Most Christians here in America blindly support Israel because in their minds there is some sort of connection between the modern day Jews occupying Palestine and the Israelites of the Bible. Some even go as far to call the Jews God's chosen people. Personally, I believe most modern day Jews(racially) are descended from Esau rather than Jacob but that is for another post.

Before we fall behind the ranks of the Christian Zionists let us review a little history between the Jews and the Arab peoples, specifically the Palestinians. A little document known as the Balfour Declaration (1917) allowed Jews to settle in Palestine as neighbors of the then present Palestinian occupants. Following the Holocaust, the entire world was sympathetic to the plight of the Jewish people and the West caved in to Jewish demands of a national homeland. We Americans have short memories and we would do well to remember the Jewish terrorists that blew up the King David Hotel and hung British soldiers with piano wire. They were no different than the terrorists we are facing today with a single minded goal and the use of any means to achieve it.

America and Britain have stood behind Israel since 1948 more so than any other nations in the West. However, we are now reaping the whirlwind we helped create with our unilateral support of the little state known as Israeli. I hear often that they are the only democracy in the Middle East and we must stand behind them. Did you know that in this supposedly democratic country you can be fined and jailed for distributing bibles? Not quite as harsh as your fate would be if you attempted the same in an Islamic coutry, but hardly democratic.

This post is not meant to be anti-Jewish in any way or should it be inferred that I support the Arab nations. The extremists among them have declared themselves our enemies with their hatred and zeal to kill us in whatever cowardly manner they deem necessary. I fully support the war on terrorism to eradicate the Muslim extremist cancer from this planet. At the same time I support the right of sovereign nations to defend themselves against cowardly thugs with rockets and missle launchers. With all of that being said, we should not blindly support Israel because of their supposed democracy or because of some false belief that they are God's chosen people. I believe the final outcome of the conflict between the Arabs and Jews will be the spark that ignites the final world war and ushers in the return of our Lord and the setting up of His kingdom.


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