Sunday, January 22, 2006

John Wesley

I am about halfway through Iain Murray's "Wesley and the Men Who Followed." There is no doubt that God used Wesley and his brother Charles to bring revival to the British Isles. During the same time period He was using George Whitefield to bring the Great Awakening upon the 13 colonies. It is interesting to contrast what was happening in Roman Catholic Europe during this time of revival in Protestant countries-wars and upheavels and bloodshed at every turn. The countries that had rejected the open bible and the gospel(Spain, France)were being defeated on sea and land by Protestant Great Britain. The secret source of the greatness of England was to be the Bible, and they(English) would become known as a people of the Book.

John Wesley was a man of one book and one book only, the Bible. He would have no use for our so-called Christian bookstores of today that sell mostly self-help trash and play rock music while you browse. I wonder what Charles Wesley would think of the music played in churches today that calls itself Christian. What would John think about the social gospel being promoted by the Methodist Church or their acceptance of homosexuality? Would he be proud of all the female pastors whose very existence as pastors is in direct violation of 1 Timothy chapter 3?


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