Monday, December 12, 2005

Pilgrim's Progress

My bible study group is beginning a study on the Pilgrim's Progress. The first time I read the book I could not put it down. I flew through it and am glad to be slowing down and picking Bunyan's brain. How sad it is that Christians today have never even heard of this book. It sits in the classics section of most Christian bookstores, gathering dust while the self-help books with a Christian label fly off of the shelves. What legacy are we leaving our children?Do most Christian's today have any idea about the journey Bunyan describes? Would they resolve to travel with Christian, no matter the consequences? Could it be that they have been so spoon-fed with the "Jesus loves you no matter what" sermons that they cannot relate to Bunyan? Books such as the Purpose Driven Life and Joel Osteen's latest book only compound the problem. Let us shun the easy believism and sugar coated Christianity portrayed in churchianity today for the Old Paths. Out with Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, give me Bunyan, and Whitefield and Spurgeon.


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